Monday, February 25, 2008

Apple Orange Jam Recipe

Ingredients :

Apple - 1kg
Orange skin cut into
1 inch square pieces - 2 pieces
Orange juice - 2cup
Sugar - 11/2kg
Citric Acid - 1tsp

Method Of Preparation :

Peel the apple. Cut the apples into small pieces. Heat the apple pieces and the orange skin with sufficient water. when the water boils, remove the orange skin from it. When the apple is done, remove from fire and smash well. Add the rest of the ingredients and keep in a low flame. Stir continuously. When the jam is done, remove from fire and pour the contents into a dry bottle. When the jam cools, close the mouth of the bottle.

Note : To test whether the jam is done, cool the jam on a ladle or spoon. When cool, the jam should fall from the tilted ladle in flakes rather than in drops.

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